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Spia Net Screen

Spia 3.2 Net Screen download Spia 3.2 Net Screen
download (exe)
download (rar)

Spia Net Screen  Spia 3.1 Net Screen - Setup Installation

Spia Net Screen
Allows install and uninstall the Spia 3.1
The trial version comes with 3 licenses

Spia Net Screen  Spia 3.1 Net Screen - Administration Panel

Spia Net Screen
Password Protected
Allows reading the logs by date and time and viewing captured
It has an option of cleaning the log if the monitor is on the
    same computer
It has an option to generate log or part of it in html format

Spia Net Screen
Enables you to download the logs directly from your email account

Spia Net Screen
Lets unify multiple log files into a single file

Spia Net Screen
Lets create the viewer with the licenses used for the logs can be read on any computer

Spia Net Screen
Tools for view licenses used, request and insert the license key

Spia Net Screen
Option for online support via chat
Option to check and update the latest release automatically

Spia Net Screen
Option to listen and save the sound recorded by the microphone
The sound file is kept in a lossless compression format, getting smaller
    for the log shipping case
In the Save option, the file generation is in .wav format

Spia Net Screen  Spia 3.1 Net Screen - Self installer

Spia Net Screen
Settings to generate the self installer
  • Interval in seconds for screenshot
  • Interval in seconds to capture webcam
  • Option to capture screens in certain mouse click
  • Choice of image quality
  • Option to record sounds from the microphone
  • Option to check if the monitor is activated by hotkeys
  • Option to enable debugging in case of a fault in the installation
  • Option to choose an icon for the installer
  • Set the duration to uninstall the monitor
  • Option to generate the installer
Once running on computer to be monitored, the monitor is installed and operates with settings established
The monitor will be running on the computer to be monitored until their duration expires or another installer runs
There is no limit to the generation of self-installers. May be generated as are needed with the most diverse settings

Spia Net Screen
Setting to send the logs by:
  • Email
  • FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
  • LAN / Intranet (Local Area Network)

Spia Net Screen Prices
1 license
$ 30.75
Perfect Money
2 to 5 licenses
$ 27.90
Perfect Money
Above 5 licenses
$ 25.00
Perfect Money
Unlimited license
$ 917.00
Perfect Money

In the first acquisition provide an additional license free
Annual rate of continuity for normal licenses: 20%
Annual rate of continuity for unlimited license: 10%


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